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Re: Fed up by Lazarus Long ...

On Mon, Apr 10, 2000 at 12:46:33AM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> I'm fed up with "Lazarus Long <lazarus@overdue.dhis.net>". He
> doesn't stop filling bugs, he rarely responds to the questions we may ask
> him (its email adress bounces). And furthermore, he submits the same bug
> again & again, it just happened one more time, he filled twice the same RCB
> (which is not at all RCB since it's just a comment that is out of date)
> against suck in 2 weeks ...
> Sometimes I'd really like to prevent him from posting to 
> submit@bugs.debian.org...

Yeah, he has a tendency to overrate the severity of his bug reports. That's
annoying because it forces people to respond to (i.e. downgrade) his bug
reports, and when he does that several times, it becomes obnoxious. :)

He has a local problem with the clock (tar saying timestamps on files are
invalid, whereas the files are completely fine everywhere else) that he, for
some unknown reason, tends to attribute to individual packages, over and
over again, instead of tar, or clock or whatever is more likely to cause it.

Having said all that, I must also note that he does sometimes file valid bug
reports, with a sane severity, and with proper explanations of what happened.

Therefore he shouldn't be dismissed, just educated :)

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