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Init respawning too fast after failed upgrade.


A while ago, I upgraded to woody and caused mayhem.  Somehow I managed to
lose tar and a couple of other essentials.  No problem - reinstall the
potato bootdisks 2.2.9 - get the base system running including tar.

So I reinstalled base on a _running_ debian system.  Now I either have:

debconf asking the same questions over and over on VT 1 and looping


deinstall debconf and have an endless stream of

/bin/sh /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: No such file or directory (and)

Init 1 spawning too fast : disabled for 5 minutes

I've also lost VT 4 through VT 6.

I can't kill Id "1" unless I'm in single user mode.

Any clues ?? Joey ???

Thanks, from a befuddled 


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