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Somebody using MuPAD on Debian potato/woody?


Is there somebody using 1.4.2 version of MuPAD (www.mupad.de) on debian 
Potato/Woody.  The glibc2.1 version from their ftp is very strange.  
Xmupad works only when I start it under olvwm AND only if it is not 
started from Eterm.  Not on Windowmaker or Enlightenment in any way!!! 

This is *very* strange for me.  I don't have any explanation for such 
behaviour.  It is reported to work with other distros (SuSe, Mandrake). I 
filed a wishlist to xviewg maintainer to explore this situation, but I am 
not sure at all if the bug is in Debian's xviewg.

Any ideas/suggestions?


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