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Bruce wants a sysadmin

There used to be a debian-jobs mailing list and now I can't find it. Did it

I was recruting for this position a while ago but got too busy. I've assigned
the recruitment to my assistant. If you sent a resume before and didn't get a
response, and you're still in the market, please send Patti a new resume.


	Bruce Perens

Position: Linux System Administrator

About Us:

Work with Linux legends like Bruce Perens, primary author of "The Open
Source Definition" (President), and Ian Murdock, founder of Debian (CTO).
We are a pre-IPO start-up in Albany, California, a block from the city of
Berkeley, in the "East Bay" near San Francisco. Our business is creating
and financing new businesses in the Linux and Open Source market. Two of
our portfolio companies are operating so far, two more will start soon.

We're running our business on 100% Open Source software using Debian
GNU/Linux. The software we develop is licensed as Open Source. We offer
a pleasant work environment filled with smart people. We offer a competitive
salary, stock participation, full benefits package, which includes medical,
paid vacations and more. In addition to being an equal opportunity employer,
we have flexible work schedules and are committed to making our employees work
experience both enjoyable and educational. Feel free to visit our website and
learn more about us at www.linuxvc.com.

Do You Fit This Profile?

Experience as a Linux or Unix system administrator and a programmer in
the C and Python programming languages in the Linux or Unix environment.
You like to work with smart people that you can learn from. You have
a sense of humor. You take pride in a job well done. You take your own
initiative and don't "wait to be told what needs to be done." You have
great skills and want to be "on the cutting edge" of technology. You like
the idea that you can make a difference and shape the future. Working
in a start-up environment excites you.

  Skills Required:
  Linux Experience
  C Programming Experience
  Python Programming Language Experience
  Previous System Administration

  Additional Skills (not required but a plus):
  C++ Programming

If you feel you are qualified and would like to be considered for this
position, please send us your resume. No phone calls please. FAX or e-mail
your resume, with a cover letter, salary expectations, relocation requirements
or any other information you would like us to consider. We can accept HTML
Text, PostScript, PDF or Microsoft Word formats.

  Contact:  Patti Annecston
  e-mail:  patti@linuxvc.com
  fax:  (510) 558-1199

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