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use of the official logo

I want to use the official logo for an icon in the m68k(amiga)
boot-floppies. If I understood the webpage correctly, I am allowed to do
that, since I am a developer?
Now, if I want to edit the logo, I need to ask for permission?
I want to use the bottle with the swirl as a drawer icon, under AmigaOS two
pictures can be used for an icon, the normal one and the "clicked" one.
What I like to do is use the bottle without swirl as the normal icon and the
bottle with swirl as the "clicked" icon, so when you "open the drawer" the
swirl pops up.
Is this legal use?
I will (try to) create the bitmaps and give them to somebody who punches
them into one icon for me, he is not a developer, but then he does not do
anything to the icons, he just glues them together.
He allready did that with the open logo for me, so that people can click on
the swirl to start the installation.

Similar subject, has somebody allready created inlets for the official CDs
like the ones for slink?

Please Cc me on replies, I can't stand the heat on dd.

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