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Re: Bug#61792: marked as done (telnet: Can't type non-ascii chars.)

On Wed, Apr 05, 2000 at 12:03:13AM -0000, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> > Package: telnet
> > Version: 0.16-3
> > Severity: important
> > 
> >  Telnet is filtering characters > 127, this may work for US people, but
> > the next of the world need this. This has always worked for me. I have
> > the environment locale variables properly set.
> Not doing so breaks SunOS.  If you want it to be 8-bit clean, use -8.

For some reason, this worked in slink by default, therefore this is breaking
background compatibility. Please get that option back.

Anyway, it seems it's SunOS telnetd which is broken. And there's a
workaround for it, I saw it in a related bug report. Besides, glibc 2.1
breaks a lot more stuff, yet we all still use it just fine.

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