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Re: Reducing downtime on system critical services

On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 09:11:30PM +0300, ressu@uusikaupunki.fi wrote:
> once again, i was upgrading a system, and got MANY angry calls about
> 'mails not working'. wouldn't it be good to have a list, flag or some
> other way of marking these system critical packages, so that apt would
> configure other packages before it, install it and configure it. so that
> it would have a minimum downtime.
> on a 486 with 8Mb of mem, it's a bit of a pain to upgrade, when the
> installation process itself takes many hours to complete. (i had sendmail
> down all that time) even though not many have these kind of old machines
> running anymore, it would still be wise to have packages like sendmail,
> and others which are needed on specific systems down as little time as
> possible, to avoid this kind of anger.
> The best way for this might be a local list of packages that are
> important, and apt would read this list when beginning update/upgrade
> and deal with the packages accordingly, (as in deconfiguring, installing
> and configuring the package in as short time as possible)

Actually the best way to do this is for the packages to not stop the
daemon in the preinst, and restart it in the postinst. This causes
the problem. If you look at apache and openldapd (the two that I know that
work right), you will notice that in the postinst (after upgrade) the
daemons are restarted. That is the Right Way, IMO, and should be proposed
on -policy.

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