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Re: Bug#61674: Courier-IMAP is not usable with Netscape or Mozilla

On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 11:59:22AM +0200, root wrote:
> There are bugs in the IMAP implementation of Netscape and Mozilla. All
> the other IMAP servers have workaround to allow fetching from Netscape.
> Courier-IMAP has now a workaround, if it is compiled with
> --enable-workarounds-for-imap-client-bugs when configuring it.
> This option is only available in the new upstream version (0.30.x).
> I think there should be an upgrade/update in potato to correct this
> important problem.

I have a courier-imap 0.30.31pre1-1 deb ready. But I am not sanguine
about putting in a new upstream release at this point in the freeze-
opinions please.

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