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Re: wnpp@debian.org still alive ?

On Fri, Mar 31, 2000 at 10:08:57AM +0200, Gregor Hoffleit wrote:
> Is wnpp@debian.org still alive and maintained ? During the last few months,
> I sent several ITP's and a request to remove a package from the list to this
> address, but AFAICS all of them were ignored.
> E.g. I requested to remove "dgs" from the list of packages needing a new
> maintainer, and I sent an ITP for WorldPilot.

We at WNPP (Johnie Ingram and me) don't quite maintain the PP part of WNPP
anymore. We decided that it was pointless because the database used is hard
to maintain, slow to generate pages, and also a bit buggy.

It is planned to integrate the current WNPP list into the list on the QA
site (http://qa.debian.org/wnpp.html), but we'd need Raphael or someone else
to do large modifications to the pgsql database and the perl scripts for the
mail bot... unfortunately it hasn't yet been done.

Having said that, I must admit I don't know why wasn't the dgs package entry
updated. I'll remove it right away, sorry.

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