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Re: What happened to rrdtool in potato?

Le Thu, Mar 30, 2000 at 01:40:31PM -0500, Matt Zimmerman écrivait:
> It is neither officially orphaned nor 'no maintained anymore'.  I have
> prepared a fixed version, and I am waiting for it to be uploaded by my
> sponsor.
> Your email to the BTS did not warrant a reply; you told me how to fix the
> problem, and I have prepared a fix.

Great, sorry for the confusion, however you could have fixed this RC bug
way before the first bug horizon, you haven't done such a good job by
taking so long ... I don't want to blame you but RC bugs (and particularly
when they are trivial to fix) should be fixed ASAP. If you can't fix
those bugs yourself, then you need to ask for help wherever needed
(debian-qa, debian-devel, ...).

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