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Strange behaviour

I usually run my shell with LC_ALL set to de_DE. Calling 'printf "%1.1f\n" 1'
then gives me 1,0 which is the correct answer under the german locale.

Now I unset LC_ALL to get the command to print 1.0 but wasn't able to.
However, running under strace it works. Finally I tried a subshell but that
doesn't cut it either:

michael@feivel:~$ printf "%1.1f\n" 1
michael@feivel:~$ unset LC_ALL
michael@feivel:~$ printf "%1.1f\n" 1
michael@feivel:~$ strace printf "%1.1f\n" 1 2>/dev/null
michael@feivel:~$ (printf "%1.1f\n" 1)

Anyone out there who could explain this to me? In particular this means that
I get a warning from netscape everytime I start it.


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