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Re: ITP: manpages-da

On Fri, Mar 24, 2000 at 11:58:39AM +0100, Peter Makholm wrote:
> In SSLUG (swedish/danish LUG) we have begun translating
> man-pages to danish. when we have finished a nice set (like
> file-utils) I will make a debian package out of it.

Please, as some of these people tend to use RedHat (yes, not anybody
knows that Debian is better :-), there is a marked tendency to find
manpages for man,whatis,apropos or even makewhatis which are translated
from that distro.

As Debian is shipping a different man program, please remove those pages
from your package.
Instead, ask the translators to translate also the Debian pages (man-db
ships 9 manpages) and the po file.
That would be wonderful. When done, ship them to me so I'll include them
in man-db.

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