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Re: 0 days till bug horizon

On Wed, Mar 29, 2000 at 03:05:26PM +1000, Brian May wrote:
> How do you say "this bug is important enough to be fixed for frozen"?
> Often, for instance, there are times when a really simple bug causes a
> package to break seriously for some users. While the package should
> not get dropped if it isn't fixed in time, it still looks bad for
> Debian as a whole if this stuff gets released.

Basically that means you need to make up your mind :-)
Either the bug means the package is unfit for release, and the package should
be dropped or the release delayed until it is fixed; or it does not.

Certainly it would be good if such a bug were fixed before the release,
but that is true for nearly any bug, and we'd end up never releasing

If you think a bug is particularly important, then by all means do whatever
you can to fix it, or call attention to the bug in some other way.  Severity
"normal" does not mean "please ignore this bug until the sun goes out".

If you mark a bug release-critical, then that means I have to worry about
it, and have to make other people worry about it.  Please don't do that
unless the bug really is critical to the release.

Richard Braakman

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