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Re: UPS setup problems (apcuspd and genpower)

On Tue, 28 Mar 2000, David Bristel wrote:

> If you buy a Smart-UPS, it COMES with the cable to make it work with the right
> cable.  Sure, not all cables will support it, but that's a non-issue if you use
> what comes with your UPS.
I wonder how *you* can know the abilities of the cable that was enclosed in
the package with *my* UPS.  The only think that I wanted to say is that it
might happen that also if you use the cable which was shipped with
your UPS it might happen that the Debian UPS daemons don't work.
Please don't tell me that I have done something wrong.  *My* UPS works
perfectly.  If you have any hint for the original author than help
him.  He didn't got any answer except mine.  I have not said that my
answer will solve his problem, but he should have a close look onto
his cable inscription.  What's wrong with that?

Kind regards


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