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ITP: tinydns and dnscache


I just subscribed, and I'd like to let the list know I'm (hopefully) going to
be working on a couple of new packages, namely tinydns/dnscache by djb, which
is a replacement for BIND, and djb's "daemontools", (which is required for
running tinydns).

If you are interested in reading about dnscache and tinydns, please visit the
website at http://cr.yp.to/dnscache.html .  Version 1.00 was just released.

I am currently running tinydns and dnscache on my own two webservers.  It is
a full replacement for BIND.  Right now, I am using rsync to move zone files
to my secondary server (which I control), as well as allowing several sites
running BIND that slave from me to do secondary (with per-zone configuration 
of slave servers).

It really is a nice package.  I would encourage anyone who doesn't like
running BIND to take a look at this.


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