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Re: python-wxwin

[cc'd to -devel in case anyone else was wondering :-]


Yeah, the current packages in the distro are getting rather out of date.
I've totally redone the packaging for them so I can now build packages
easily from the wxWin cvs but probably wont upload them to the archive
until wxWin2.2 is released (real soon now ;-)

2.1.14 has just been released, but is undergoing some fairly heated
bugfixing..  really its just a release candidate for 2.2 which we hope to
release sometime next month.

There will only be a single source package, I've been tweaking the wxWin
makefile system to allow me to build all the packages from a single
source tree.  There will be packages for wxGTK, wxPython (built with gtk)
as well as packages of the manual and the samples etc.  I'm currently
working on packaging for the contrib libs (ogl, mmedia, the new stc lib,
and the GLcanvas lib) and they should be ready in time for the 2.2 release
as well..  Also there will be packages for wxBase (the non-gui parts of
wxWin which can now be used separately).

So yeah, I am actively working on them..  expect to see them hit the
archives shortly after wxPython2.2 is officially released.  (probably
about a week after the main wxWin2.2 release date.)


On Mon, Mar 27, 2000 at 07:16:34PM +0200, André Dahlqvist wrote:
> Hi
> I heard from Ben, the previous maintainer of the wxwin-relates packages,
> that you have taken over maintainership of these packages. I thought I
> would ask you if you are  working on releasing any new versions of these
> packages soon? There have been a few  upstream releases since 2.1.11, and
> I'm eager to try them out:-)
> Also, will you be packaging python-wxwin and wxgtk2.1 separately, or will
> you continue to build python-wxwin as part of wxgtk2.1? The reason for me
> asking is that Ben mentioned that building them together was done to
> straighten out some knotty build dependencies, but if he would do it again
> he would package them separately.
> Regards
> // André

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