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Re: Removing compiled-by-hand packages

Taupter <taupter@baydenet.com.br> writes:

> 1. Does Debian install any stuff inside /usr/local ?

That would be a bug. You can make sure with "dpkg -S /usr/local" (or
"dlocate /usr/local" if you have the dlocate package)

> 2. Is secure to the system integrity to _wipe_ /usr/local (no
> daemons/services stored in /usr/local and such issues)? The sense of
> _wiping_ /usr/local means removing files/symlinks from /usr/local/bin,
> /usr/local/lib and such.

Since /usr/local is not used by the distribution, anything started
from there was started by you.

In the future, you may want to look at "stow".


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