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Re: Idea: Debian Developer Information Center

Le Thu, Mar 23, 2000 at 12:31:54AM +0100, Raphael Hertzog écrivait:
> Hi dear co-developers,

Hey people ! I posted this mail in order to have some input ... it would
be great if some of you gave their opinion about this proposition I posted
a while ago :

> we're so many developers that's it's getting difficult to know us each
> other and even more difficult to know our respective habits concerning the
> way we're doing our Debian job.
> I think that we need a page (possibly a cgi or a page automatically updated
> once a day) that would give the maximum of information concerning one
> maintainer. This would include :
> - information from the LDAP db (name, email, last seen on ...)
> - information about the NMU policy that the maintainer has adopted
>   (timeframe before a NMU is allowed, do i need an authorization to do a
>   nmu ?, ...)
> - the list of packages he's maintaining (yes some maintainer forget
>   that they're maintaining some packages) with up-to-date statistics for
>   each package (number of important/normal/wishlist bugs,
>   standards-version that it does follow, last upload)
> - a link to the personnal bug page
> - any other information that may be suitable for such a page like
>   the latest news that must be read by Debian developers (think
>   about debian-devel-announce)
> With this system, each developer can add his own page on one of his
> bookmark and from time to time he can check what he's responsible for and
> what he should do in one look. And anyone can check the page of any
> developer before doing a NMU, he would be able to see the NMU policy, the
> time when the maintainer was last seen in Debian and so on ... it's also a
> good way to evaluate the quality of the work one is doing for Debian.
> I may be volunteering to work (one day) on something like that but I fear
> that i'll run into problems since I need to get information from various
> sources (ldap, bts, packages). Any idea/comment acepted.

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