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Re: blue on black is unreadable

Peter Cordes <peter@llama.nslug.ns.ca> writes:

> Unless the darkish colours get used as alternate background colours, they
> are wasted.  There only are 16 colours, so deciding to never use 4 
> ({dark ,}{blue,red}) of them seems like a bad idea.  Brightening them up so
> they look good on a black background is good, since hardly anything uses
> dark-but-not-black background colours.

No it isn't. By acting against the ANSI standard, you will just move
the problem to other configurations: Users logged in from Non-Debian
machines will still see the unreadable combination. Just not using
black/blue is more prudent.

It's bad that we're stuck with this ...

> Is there a reason why /etc/X11/Xresources/xterm defaults to black on white
> instead of gray90 on black?

Because some people think it is the superior combination (it works
good on paper). Others think exactly the opposite.

> With my colour mods to make ls output visible, could the default
> change to be gray90 on black?

With this being highly religious a decision, I'd rather chicken out
and say: leave it be.


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