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Re: of bash and ...sbin/

>  Agreed (mostly).  It is very important that Debian have things in the same
> place as other Linux distros, and other common Unix flavours.  Otherwise,
> scripts from commercial software and other stuff that isn't always as
> portable as it should be will be spuriously broken on Debian.  Lets not not
> go out of our way to lay traps for vendors who we are hoping will support
> Debian GNU/*.
>  It seems to me that binary locations are one of those things that Unix is
> stuck with, even though it would be nice if we could change them.  What
> should be done is to add /usr/sbin and /sbin to the PATH of ordinary mortal
> users.  There is no security issue here, since they could always add it
> themselves if they actively wanted to cause harm.  If you were setting up
> restricted-shell accounts, you would need to change PATH anyway, since bash
> is in the standard path, which kind of defeats the restricted shell, except
> as an anti-cluelessness measure :)

 You have both, /usr/bin and /usr/sbin in your PATH. You broke your setup so
all the following comments you do doesn't change A THING to you. You can't
discuss about where to put each thing if you don't use the split bin/sbin
system... =/

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