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Re: Bug#60753: mutt: /etc/Muttrc should not use colors

close 60750
close 60753

On Mar 19, wh@blub.net wrote:

 >The /etc/Muttrc in the mutt package makes a fruit salad of mutt.
Most people like it.

 >When using mutt in an xterm, the color bindings in /etc/Muttrc make it
 >very hard to read mail: 8 different colors on one screen, colored text
 >on white background in the message but colored text on black background
 >in the headers, it's just horrible.
You are doing something wrong, that does not happens with the default
configuration. I think you have some color lines in your ~/.muttrc.
I had to experiment a long time to have settings which works fine both
in xterms and console, and I'm not going to change the default Muttrc
without a very good reason.

 >For an example why I think this is really a bug with severity normal, and 
 >not a wish or feature request, see 
Seen. My xterms are *very* different, even with a white background.


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