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Re: Single architecture on -announce lists

On Fri, Mar 17, 2000 at 04:49:54PM -0500, Bob Hilliard wrote:
>      During the slink freeze there was some discussion of the wasted
> bandwidth due to -devel-announce and -announce listing all packages
> installed/uploaded to all architectures.  
>      As I recall, the consensus was that, after slink was released,
> these lists would be split by architecture, and anyone interested in
> more than one architecture could subscribe to as many lists as
> required.  I am sure that the overwhelming majority would subscribe to
> only one list. 

[bcollins@murphy(11:01am)-/var/list]%ls -d debian-*-changes
debian-all-changes/          debian-devel-changes/            debian-hurd-i386-changes/
debian-alpha-changes/        debian-devel-hurd-i386-changes/  debian-i386-changes/
debian-arm-changes/          debian-devel-i386-changes/       debian-m68k-changes/
debian-devel-all-changes/    debian-devel-m68k-changes/       debian-powerpc-changes/
debian-devel-alpha-changes/  debian-devel-powerpc-changes/    debian-sparc-changes/
debian-devel-arm-changes/    debian-devel-sparc-changes/

The lists already exist, they are just not used at all. Maybe it would be
easier to keep just the one debian-devel-changes list to send to and write
some extra procmail stuff into sending it to the write outlist.


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