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ITP mgeupsd

Package: mgeupsd
Architecture: any
Conflicts: powstatd, bpowerd, genpower
Description: UPS monitoring software for MGE (Merlin Gerin) Pulsar UPS series
 It operates in the usual for Linux UPS daemon way, i.e. if the UPS changes
 status, it creates /etc/powerstatus and sends SIGPWR to init.  Mgeupsd is
 also able to act as a server for remote monitoring through the network if
 more than one machine is connected to the UPS.

	MGE does have software to monitor this UPS on it's web site, but it
did not make a suitable UNIX workstation UPS daemon (I have a feeling it was
some kind of port of some kind of dos/ms-win software).  This works for me,
and I think other debianers with this family of UPSs might appriciate it.

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