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Re: Bug#58174

Le 2000-03-14 17:57:30 +0100, Michael Meskes écrivait :
> This bug is listed as important bug against metamail. I do wonder though if
> it is important enough to warrant a removal. This bug has been reported
> against mime-support originally. Since no bug in mime-support was found it
> was re-assigned to metamail. The bug log says:
> I've looked at the mailcap file and can't find any reason there why
> there would be a problem.  My guess is that it's metamail, but I
> don't know why.
> So this does not exactly mean that there is an important bug in metamail.
> And then there's the following report:
> I wasn't able to reproduce this bug. Both the slink and potato
> versions of mime-support and metamail worked fine:
> ...
> I don't think bugs like this should slow down our release cycle at all. IMO
> this bug should be downgraded to normal.
> Comments anyone?

I filed this bug report. And I probably shall be punished for it :-)
This is probably the worst one I ever did !

There is no bug. I simply forgot the "-b" option in metamail...

metamail was trying to get a header and not finding it.

This bug report should be closed, and (hopefully) forgotten
as soon as it can be.


Jean-Philippe Guérard

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