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Re: So, what's up with the XFree86 4.0 .debs?


Nice to hear about the future 4.0 plan. i agree with most of what you propose.

I have a question conerning the 3D stuff.

Glx will be included in XF 4.0, but this is a point that will most assuredly
confuse lots of people.

In fact, (if i understood this issue correctly, which i am still not entirelly
sure) GLx is just some added support of XF 4.0 to be able to run openGL stuff
in a Xfree window.

In particular, this has nothing to do with mesa/accelerated mesa/openGL, in
particular since the accelerated mesa stuff is called utah-glx, this could
cause lots of confusion.

Also there is DRI, which has and has not something to do with this.

But apart from all this, people (end user) will be downloading XFree 4.0
packages (in phase3) and hope 3D accel to work just fine, since it was hyped
as one of the goals of Xfree 4.0, and with SGI giving out OpenGL code and
other such stuff. So best would be to be thinking about it and also include
the mesa maintainer in the reflection about future XFree 4.0 packages, unless
we want people complaining about why quake3 or whatever is not working as
expected for them.



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