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Re: New LILO for >1024 cylinders in potato, PLEASE!

On 10 Mar 2000, Ben Gertzfield wrote:

> According to lwn.net, there is a new version of LILO just released
> that finally, finally adds an option to fix the horrid, dreaded
> LI problem on hard drives with >1024 cylinders.
> http://www.lwn.net/2000/0309/a/lilo.html
> Can this make it into potato? :)

I already uploaded it for woody/. If I get zero complaints about it, I may
consider uploading it for frozen... (So please test 21.3-1 in woody and
tell me if anything is wrong ;)


"Si ca sent bon : mange-le, sinon pisse dessus..."  [Proverbe chien]

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