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Re: nasty slink -> potato upgrade problem

On Sat, Mar 11, 2000 at 08:32:07PM -0400, Nicolás Lichtmaier was heard to say:
> > > Trouble ahead?
> > Please run "apt-get install apt" before doing the dist-upgrade. Old apt
> > don't manage well the perl transition. This will be documented in the
> > Release Notes.
>  Why don't we make the new perls conflict the old apt?

  I know I suggested something similar earlier, but would this really work?
You'd have to restart the apt frontend in order to get the needed effect,
even if it correctly upgraded itself.
  Or am I missing something?  (eg..would it just hold back the perl upgrade
and require two runs instead of doing something really nasty like it does
now? :) )


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