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Re: Packages to remove from frozen

On Thu 09 Mar 2000, Jacob Kuntz wrote:

> isn't the problem here that the server is misrepresenting itself? a one bit
> difference may not make a less secure key, but it could quite possibly be an
> indication of some deception. i worry that altering the client to ignore
> this type of error will only open us up to attack, be it man-in-the-middle
> or otherwise.

Warning: my crypto knowledge is pretty poor.

Someone somewhere in this thread said that the problem was that the old
ssh could generate a key that had the MSbit off, and that was the cause
of these messages.  I'm now thinking: if the MSbit *MUST* be set, how
does that increase the security? N bits of key is no less secure than
N+1 bits where you know the value of one bit.  Isn't openssh simply
confused in this case?

I myself notice that openssh complains about half the time when
connecting to a random number of different hosts (I connect daily to a
random 5-10 systems out of a collection 700 hosts (each running ssh
1.2.17), which IMHO means the sample is quite random, but then
statistics lessons was a long time ago).

Paul Slootman
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