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Re: aptitude

On Wed, Mar 08, 2000 at 05:07:29AM -0800, Kenneth Scharf was heard to say:
> I've been following this list (on and off) as I have
> been using potato and uploading updated pacakges
> daily.  I didn't even know about aptitude until I read
> about it here, so I went and got it.  Except for the
> lack of a man page, --help option, or online key
> binding key it is a neat program.

  (/me cops out by pointing at the two zeros in front of the version number)

> What gets me is that aptitude, apt-get, deselect, and gnome-apt all
> seem to give slightly different info on which packages
> are broken, will be deleted, or are on hold.  Are the
> dependancy rules interperted differently between these
> programs?

  dselect probably uses a totally different algorithm from the others

  As for the apt-based programs: there are a number of 

> Also how do you undo the result of the "f" key.

  You can't undo the 'f' key in the most recently released version.  Undo
support is sort of in CVS, but I need to fix it before I release 0.0.7
version. (and I have two major school projects due in the near future, so it's
unlikely to happen soon (read: in the next week) :( )

> Anyway if someone adds an online help key to aptitude
> it would make a great replacement for deselect. 
> (Looks great in color).

  The most recent version (0.0.6a, missed the potato freeze) has online help,
although it's not very friendly (I just used the README)  0.0.7 is mainly
a large amount of internal restructuring and bugfixes and the addition of undo
support.  0.0.8 will hopefully address a number of issues which have been
brought up in the last few days.


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