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Re: Seeking new maintainers for (mostly) Python-related packages

Rob Tillotson <robt@debian.org> writes:

> I would like to offer the following packages up for adoption:
>   python-xml
>   xbel
>   xbel-utils
>     (all three of these are built from the same source)

Not sure about the XML stuff, let me have a look into it this WE
before deciding.

>   pysol
>   pysol-cardsets
>     (these go together, of course

Sorry, no games.

>   python-kjbuckets
>   gadfly

>   python-mxdatetime
>   python-mxstack
>   python-mxtexttools
>     (these are all by the same upstream author, and are packaged in
>     basically the same way)

Since they are pretty established as they are, I'll take all of them.

> Except for python-xml, all of these are in a "final" form and are thus
> likely to be reasonably bug-free and not rapidly changing upstream.
> I intend to orphan python-xml if no new maintainer steps forward; I'll
> keep the rest if nobody wants them.

> --Rob


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