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Re: Does dpkg-divert work on conf files?

Previously Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> Several packages have files that goes into 
> /etc/cron.{daily,weekly,monthly} to do various setups. I have
> anacron and so these scripts get run everytime I turn my computer
> on. These scripts do thing like rotate logs daily. I don't
> want the logs rotated daily, but weekly or even possibly
> monthly. So, most of the files in cron.daily end up in
> cron.weekly here.

Hmm, interesting point. Please note that log rotation should be
handled by logrotate which you can configure seperately; it will
figure out if it really needs to rotate logs when its run.

> Now, when I upgrade my machine, I *do* want to receive updates
> to these files, but I want them to go to the new locations. 
> Hence dpkg-divert.

Okay. In theory this works fine, however its not (very well) tested.  If you
try this I'm very interested to hear if it really works..  The problem with
diverting conffiles is that scripts (such as postinst) will still use the old
location, so you have to be careful.


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