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problem with xauth?

we seem to have a problem with the latest upgrade of xauth on our woody
systems.  the new xauth breaks when run under ssh or run manually.
here is the output of an ssh to a upgraded machine:

	jpc@krazykat's password: Last login: Mon Mar  6 16:35:58 2000 from
	krazykat on pts/3 Linux krazykat 2.2.10 #4 SMP Fri Aug 13 22:21:48 EDT
	1999 i686 unknown

	Most of the programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system are
	freely redistributable; the exact distribution terms for each program
	should be described in the individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright
	or /usr/doc/*/copyright.

	Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
	permitted by applicable law.
	You have mail.
	/usr/bin/X11/xauth:  unable to open tmp file "/tmp/Xautht30783-n"
	/usr/bin/X11/xauth:  unable to write authority file /tmp/Xautht30783-n

when we run xauth by hand on that machine and try to "add" to the file,
all looks fine until we exit and try to write the file in /tmp/Xauth... it
leaves an empty file in /tmp and writes the authorization information to
the screen. (it almost seems to write to /dev/tty - i cannot redirect
it as either standard output OR error).  x11 forwarding does not work
in this state!

copying an older version of xauth from a machine before the last upgrade
fixes the problem.

john cummings

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