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Re: Packages to remove from frozen

Here's an associated list of packages that will need to be removed from potato given
Richard's list, based on dependency info: (the package in the bracket is the
principal package being removed]

emacsspeak [tclx76]
w3-el-e19 [emacs19]
vm [emacs19]
emacs19-el [emacs19]
emacs-czech [emacs19]
auctex [emacs19]
ghc4-prof [ghc4]
libg++272-{dev,dbg} [libg++272]
gimp1.1-perl (alpha only perhaps) [pdl]
task-devel-common (may be ok because pmake upload is forthcoming) [pmake]
task-japanese [t-code]
xcdroast [tix41]
tkcdlayout [tix41]
tix41-dev [tix41]
netmaze [tix41]

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