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mesag3 vs libgl1 (Utah-GLX)

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I just fired off a round of bug reports against all packages which
depend on mesag3 instead of libgl1[1].

I just got an ATI Rage Pro card, and all the packages which depend on
mesag3 are uninstallable for me (at least not hardware-accelerated).

The package I'm using is the Utah-GLX package (which, I assume, is
gonna be in woody for as long as the PI and XFree people need for
their DRI).

Nice work by all on that one (the Debian stuff which makes it a snap
to build a snap out of CVS is done by Stephen Crowley
<crow@debian.org>... give the man a *big* hand!  <crowd goes wild> ;-)

Bye, J

[1] I admit I left out those which already had a PR against this (;-);
and at least one package which is in non-free.

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