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Re: ITP: StarOffice

Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:
> The second is the licence of StarOffice. Are we allowed to distribute
> modified version of StarOffice? I don't mean the binaries, but StarOffice

You need to check that with Sun/StarDivision.

> uses a script for setting some environment varibles and starting, which
> I rewrote, but not completly. My script uses still some lines of code of
> the original script as they are OK. The Licence of StarOffice only says
> that the software may not be modified, decompiled, deassembled, etc. So

You'd better rewrite your script without looking at the one from Sun then.

One more question: Are you going to package it or to package an installer
package?  Packaging it would meen to add some 50-80MB of bloat to non-free...
Writing an installer would be smarter.

> does it mean we aren't allowed? Perhaps somebody is a bit better than me
> in legal things and can prove that. BTW, is there already the source of
> StarOffice availible. This would be the easiest solution.

As far as I know Sun is not able to release the source code due to third
party code.



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