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Re: Mozilla M14

Jeff Noxon <jeff@planetfall.com> writes:

> Not to step on anyone's toes, but does it really belong in 'stable'
> at all?  It becomes more obsolete with each day.  To me, it seems silly
> to include it at all.  But I haven't been able to keep it running for
> more than 10 minutes on a good day...  Maybe others are having more luck.

I think it should go in because it makes it easier to get rid of
netscape and have a totally free system.  Granted it is buggy, and
changing quickly, but wouldn't you like to be able to have a nice
browser on a installation right off the CDs without having to go

I won't be crushed if it doesn't happen tho.

Craig Brozefsky                      <craig@red-bean.com>
Free Scheme/Lisp Software  http://www.red-bean.com/~craig
"Hiding like thieves in the night from life, illusions of 
oasis making you look twice.   -- Mos Def and Talib Kweli

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