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ITP: gCVS (was Re: Another packages wishlist)

Hi peeps,

Yann Dirson <ydirson@altern.org> writes:
> It's been some time I didn't post a list of packages that may be
> nice to have.  However, I've been workin hard finding some...

... and I was just looking for something like this the other day! ;-)

> ** gCVS: a GTK-based GUI for CVS (GTK port of WinCVS)
> 	http://www.wincvs.org/

It looks pretty alpha right now, but it will hopefully turn out to be
usable, and WinCVS is pretty well-thought-of, so I'll have a go at
this one.  It's also a good opportunity to learn about GTK. ;-) It
looks like it needs GTK 1.2, though, so it may be a while in coming


Andy Mortimer                                 andy.mortimer@zetnet.co.uk
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