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Re: Napster clients, so much diversity.

In Wed, 1 Mar 2000 06:05:11 -0800 (PST), de profundis rob <really-funky-one@excite.com> cum veritas scribat

really-funky-one> I totally agree with the fact that all packages however buggy (so long as
really-funky-one> not nasty (critical) and will break your system). But the reason i made the
really-funky-one> posting was that people may not see all the choices available to them as
really-funky-one> they are spread out so much.

This is a wishlist thing, but I see in most of the man-pages, "see also".
It would be really nice if I could see "see also" things in package descriptions shown in dselect.

What do people think?

dancer, a.k.a. Junichi Uekawa
 Dept. of Knowledge Engineering and Computer Science, Doshisha University.
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