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RE: pcmcia

On 02-Mar-2000 Tim Ryder wrote:
> i compiled the kernel 2.2.14 on my laptop and lost
> pcmcia support
> i type cardctl ident and 
> it said no drivers in /proc/devices
> when i switched back to my old kernel 2.2.12 it works
> fine
> does anyone know what i need to do to get the new
> kernel running with pcmcia support

you must compile pcmcia so that it matches your kernel version.  Install
pcmcia-source.  Read the directions.  It will explain the hows and whys.

As a side note, your message included the entire text of the digest you
received.  Please only send text the applies to your message.

Also, this is actually a question seen on debian-user fairly often, and
answered there.  This list (debian-devel) is for discussions related to the
development of debian by its developers, not for "how do I ...." type questions.

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