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[script] generate symlinks between woody and potato

I wrote (am writing) this script to generate symlinks between packages
that are in multiple releases.

So if the same updated package gets added to both woody and potato you
only need to d/l it once. I dont know how other people handle this, but
i know they do... how do they generate the links on the mirrors ?
Anyway i wrote this in the hope of integrating it into apt-move.

The idea is you run "apt-move get" to get a new package list, then run
this script that compares the new downloaded Package.gz to the
Package.gz in other releases.
The script generates a list of packages that should be common to both,
it then looks through your archive and generates links between common
packages in different releases.
Links should always be placed from the most unstable release to the most
stable release.

If the pacakge exists as a regular file in both releases the newest

Define your path at the top of the script.

This is the first shell script ive written in a while, id apreciate any

***NOTE*** I only uses this on a data i have a backup copy of, it has
only been tested in a limited fashion by me, you should look at it
yourself and be comfortable with how it works before risking your data
with it.

Glenn McGrath

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