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APIs or interfaces for DBM/DB

Hello everyone,

I looking for some documentation about interfaces to work with DBM or DB
standard. I need to make an authentication routine with DB/DBM files. This
file will contain 2 collumms: one with username and other with password. I
will write this little software in C.

I am a little bit clueless about how solve this problem. I know C, but i do
not know DB or DBM API or interfaces.

I will be glad to hear some advice...

Thanx in advance!

Ricardo Borges.
Ricardo Borges
Programador / Software writer
E-mail:  ricardo.borges@gbl.com.br
GBL - Globalnet Informática Ltda
Tel.: (55)(21)563-1000 Fax.:(55)(21)515-1144
Av. Presidente Vargas 3.131 sala 502 Teleporto
Cep: 22210-030 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil

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