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Unicode mutt

I have a patched version of mutt that runs in a UTF-8 xterm and can
display e-mail in Russian, Chinese, Greek, etc. Instructions for
building it from source are at http://www.rano.org/mutt.html

I wonder if it would be useful to make a Debian package out of it.

In fact, you would presumably need at least 4 packages: the Unicode
fonts; the latest, patched UTF-8 xterm; libiconv (which provides a
better version of the iconv API than is provided by glibc-2.1); and
mutt itself, statically linked with a patched version of slang.

On the other hand, it would be easier just to wait for all this stuff
to become a standard part of XFree86, glibc, slang and mutt. So I'm
only mentioning this in case there are people thinking that Debian
desperately needs a decent Unicode e-mail client before Christmas.

Are there any plans to package Markus Kuhn's Unicode fonts before they
are released as part of XFree86? I would guess that it would only be
worth considering a package mutt-utf8 if there were other reasons for
wanting to make a package xfonts-75dpi-ucs.


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