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Re: XF86_Mach64 and RAM - Solution

In Sat, 26 Feb 2000 19:42:34 +0100, de profundis Paul van Tilburg <paul@source.dyns.cx> cum veritas scribat

paul> > >   That's weird!  Just to satisfy my curiosity..what GTK+ theme were you using,
paul> > > and do you see this with other GTK+ (1.2) programs?
paul> I am using many apps, that use the Gnome ZVT (gnome-terminal, powershell, gmoo &
paul> xchat) and when I open/close many of those ZVT's in a day (they are set
paul> transparent & shaded) my X grows from 12MB to 50MB too, I suspect it has
paul> something to do with not freeing the bitmaps from the transparent modus.

At least doing "Esetroot" several times will visibly increase the
amount of memory used by XF_mach64. 
Is it a feature, or is it a bug (and I'm running slink, with Eterm 0.8.7-0.4)

Using it once would no harm. Thus I usually use "xv -root -quit"
 when I don't want transparent windows.

dancer, a.k.a. Junichi Uekawa
 Dept. of Knowledge Engineering and Computer Science, Doshisha University.
... Long Live Free Software, LIBERTAS OMNI VINCIT.

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