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Re: Another predefined group in /etc/group: ups?

On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, Eric Weigel wrote:

> Is there a technical reason not to use dynamic UID/GID for user ups?

Let's try it last time: there are two reasons, first of them technical.

[1] Table of static IDs doesn't only provide reserved & omnipresent ID
    numbers, but reserved _names_, too.

There's no mechanism for reserving names of dynamically allocated IDs and
the most effective way to implement one is, IMHO, keep existing table
of static IDs.

I don't want to check if the system already has user/group 'ups'. If it
does, how will I know whether it remained there from some other ups
program and I should reclaim it, or it is something I shouldn't touch?

If cdrom, floppy etc all handled their groups this way, it'd be a mess.

[2] It's not a call for static ID for a program (like qmail), it's for a
    piece of hardware, just like cdrom, audio, floppy - they all have got
theirs, don't see why ups can't have one.

If the whole bunch goes dynamic, it won't be such a difference to have one
more to deal with.

jozef  :-|

ps: Is there a technical reason not to use static UID/GID for user ups?

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