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Re: Upgrade to potato impossible?

[ Dammit, EvilEspy got out of his cage again... ]

At 03:28 -0800 2000-02-24, Joel Klecker wrote:
>At 11:47 +0100 2000-02-24, Josip Rodin wrote:
>>The bug has already been filed, I guess it should be fixed by making libc6's
>>preinst statically compiled binary.
>What!? That is by far the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard. When did
>you become such a dumbfuck?

Yeah, it assumes I could actually code to save my life. And that I really
need readlink.

>Morons, I'm surrounded by morons.

Mostly me.

>Anyone considering voting for me, don't, because none of you moronic pieces
>of shit are worthy of my leadership.

No, I'm not worthy of a leadership position. I don't even want to be led by me.

>Viva la Cabal!

(I'm told that's "Viva el Cabal") That is, if there were a cabal, which
there isn't.

BTW, anyone want to adopt ncurses4.2 and ncurses? Offer subject to sanity
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