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Re: Bug#58640: wrapper does not handle fakeroot well

On Wed, Feb 23, 2000 at 08:43:33AM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
> I
> have a sneaking suspicion that I have waited longer for mandb to run when
> I'm just wanting to get a man page, than caching preformatted manpages has
> ever saved me.

This is only because you use rarely man and install packages often.
Each package install manpages, and this triggers the scan of that
directory on the very next issue of man.
This could be avoided if we could put in place the automatic updating of
the database when dpkg has finished installing, something like the
deferred call to update-menus.
It would be very great if this deferring mechanism used by update-menus
can be generalized and you can put in your postinst something like:

test -x $(which run-after-dpkg) -a -x $(which mandb) && run-after-dpkg mandb -q

(not  mandb --create !!!)

Another and more clean (but ...) would be if dpkg runs mandb --quiet
when exiting (maybe when it has installed some manpages, but even always
would be acceptable: try running it twice and you'll see ... it just
stats few directories and compares the timestamps with the indexes).

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