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Debian Weekly News 
Debian Weekly News - February 23nd, 2000

                Debian Weekly News - February 23rd, 2000
Welcome to Debian Weekly News, a newsletter for the Debian developer

Over 100 packages are in danger of being removed from Debian. Richard
Braakman [8]posted a list of packages that are headed for the Release
Critical Bug Horizon and are due to be removed less than a week from
now if their bugs remain unfixed. Threatened package include
[9]apache, [10]fetchmail, [11]gpm, and [12]samba. Already this has led
to a significant decrease in the size of the [13]Release Critical bug
list as people work to get bugs fixed on time. Perhaps the best
example of this work is this [14]project to fix all of openssh's bugs.
However, the 28th still bodes to be a very interesting and eventful

Elections for the next Debian Project Leader have opened, and will
close in two weeks. Developers can grab a [15]ballot and vote.
Linux.com is posting interviews with the candidates, starting with an
interview of [16]Ben Collins.

Dale Scheetz posted a [17]summary of what the New Maintainer team is
doing: work is progressing on the web site, backend database, and
Applicant's FAQ. The team is mostly done with writing an Applicant's
Checklist. Soon, they plan to "run a "test case" through the process
to shake out any issues", and then begin on the backlog of people who
have waited so long for new-maintainer to reopen. This should all
happen within the next few weeks.

Will Debian Alpha be fit for release with the rest of potato? David
Huggins-Daines raised a [18]number of concerns -- many packages cannot
be built on alpha right now, C++ programs have major problems, Debian
Alpha is not binary-compatabile with Red Hat, and "in short, our
system is in a mess due to circumstances entirely beyond our control".
David proposed that we revert to an older version of egcs for Alpha,
as it seems gcc is at the root of all these problems.

New packages in Debian this week including the following at [19]60

  * [20]libpam-opie: Use OTP's for PAM authentication
  * [21]luci: LUCI is a Universal Configuration Interface
  * [22]lvs: Linux Virtual Server kernel patches and support programs
  * [23]portsentry: Portscan detection daemon [non-free]
  * [24]scanlogd: A portscan detecting tool
  * [25]solid-pop3d: POP3 server supporting Maildir, PAM, vhosting
  * [26]spf: Stateful Packet Filter
(Thanks, Randolph.)

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10. http://bugs.debian.org/fetchmail
11. http://bugs.debian.org/gpm
12. http://bugs.debian.org/samba
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26. http://www.debian.org/Packages/unstable/net/spf.html

see shy jo

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