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Re: Debian netbase 3.17-1 init.d scripts

Jeff Sheinberg wrote:

> Make that 3 places - I now need to muck with network/interfaces
> also!  And I just tried dpkg-reconfigure netbase - how come I
> didn't get asked any questions about my interfaces?

The basic network interface configuration is done by the boot floppies
so it is already there on a newly installed system. Package configuration
using an interactive postinst or debconf is only there for a basic
configuration and not a complete setup so why should it be done in

If you want a GUI to configure network interfaces just wait for my next
Linuxconf upload which will read and write the network interface
configuration from/to /etc/network/interfaces.

> And what is ifup (a c program) all about?  Don't we already have
> ifconfig, the canonical (c) program to configure interfaces?

ifup calls ifconfig (or a dhcp client for dynamic addresses) for setting
up the interfaces. This is also useful for the administrator: He just has
to call "ifup -a" and all interfaces are being configured.

> And to throw this stuff into frozen potato without any
> documentation that at least describes what problem you are trying
> to solve and how you have solved it.

This has been in netbase for a long time and I've been using ifup with
no problems for at least 3 months. Anthony made this the default because
that's the setup that the Debian 2.2 boot floppies will create.

It's fine if you don't want to change your setup. Just stick with
/etc/init.d/network and leave /etc/network/interfaces empty. But then you
won't be able to use a GUI for network configuration.

Stefan Gybas

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