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Re: Bug#58428: CTRL+SHIFT+1 not working

Fabian Beutin <fabeu@berlin.snafu.de> wrote:

> Like I wrote in my bugreport I noticed this in JBuilder Foundation
> running on top of JDK 1.22. In JBuilder CTRL+SHIFT+1 (or any other
> number) is used to set a bookmark. When I have Slackware or another
> distribution running except Debian and press this keycombination the
> bookmark is set. With Debian plain nothing happens. I'd guess this
> is because the keypress doesn't result in any or the right X11 event
> to be fired.

Some ideas, what the center of the problem could be:
- your window manger catches this combination of keys
- you have Num_Lock set and JBuilder doesn't handle this correct.  Try
  switching Num_Lock off.



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