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Re: CTRL+SHIFT+1 not working


You say nothing of what this should do, and you also do not cite the
RFC, doc within the x documentation or other reference or standard
document that would mention this keypress.

X is quite flexible, you can configure keystrokes and other user
interface whozits, baubles and widgets to do pretty much what you

What do the keypresses do? Why are they important? Can't you just
configure them to your preference? Are they useful enough to consider
their inclusion in the X packages? If 'no', then what can we do to
help you with your config (since it's only you who will be using it)?
You will need to include support in your statement for a 'yes' answer.

Either show a document such as an RFC whose contents suggest that
ctrl-shift-1 should do a particular thing, demonstrate that the
feature is extremely useful, or volunteer to help the people in debian
working to stabalize and make consistant the keyboard configuration.
Preferably, some combination of all of those.


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